What others say

Frances genuinely cares about her clients, is 100% dedicated and is truly passionate about what she does. Beyond being the best PT that I have ever had, she is for me a real life coach, not only spending a lot of time tailoring the best training program to my personal objectives and needs, but also addressing any mental, health or eating blocks that may hinder my progress along the way. The benefits are priceless and I can only thank her for being there for me. I feel that my core strength has significantly improved over a short period of time and I am now more motivated than ever to push myself even more. Yes, it is painful and the program requires dedication and consistency, but it is overall always fun, controlled and safe. Frances is a truly remarkable individual – I can only recommend her services: if you take her help seriously, it will change your life, your mind and health for the better!
—Philippe Pollet

Frances is incredibly knowledgeable. Within a few weeks there was notable improvement in my core strength. Always punctual with a different workout plan tailor made for every session in her head! It is obvious that she thinks a lot about each session and each client – so you really are getting a highly professional personal training service. She makes use of every second you spend with her, as we wait for my heart rate to come down, she talks about your diet, some changes you need to make, etc. She is a fantastic find and will now be helping my son improve his flexibility.
— Shiro Muchiri

I started training 1-1 with Frances after having got so much out of her SpinAddikts sessions. I’ve tried quite a few personal trainers and so far, Frances is hands down the best. She’s very thorough in assessing strengths and weaknesses and is meticulous in making sure you are doing the exercises correctly. That’s quite unusual –many personal trainers don’t bother. Frances is also very helpful in making sure you are doing the right type of training outside the 1-1 session – she’s pretty much as committed as you are which means that you have the best chance of staying on an upward trajectory and continually improving.
— Camilla Tamworth

Frances is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable fitness professional. Training with her is not only effective but it’s also a lot of fun!
I originally started training with Frances after a runner’s knee injury had put me out of action. Frances could see how much running meant to me and not only helped me get back into shape but has also focused on turning me into a stronger, fitter runner. My posture, balance, strength and mobility are all getting better and, as a result, so is my first love, running.
Frances has become more than a personal trainer; she is also a friend. I look forward to our sessions every week!

— Gabby Hegerty

Frances is a highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable personal trainer. She always caters to each individual’s needs and the areas you want to work more on. On a more personal level she has helped me recover and gain strength to my upper body and wrists since I suffer from chronic ligament degeneration. She has instilled in me the motivation to ask more from myself and ultimately achieve more even when there were obstacles along the way. She is there to support you not only when you are training with her but also during your whole journey whether you are recovering from an injury or you are trying to achieve your personal goals. If you are looking for a companion and not only a trainer that can push you to your absolute limits you couldn’t ask for a better one. Frances is a deeply dedicated professional who will help you make the lifelong changes to transform you to a healthier and stronger individual.
— Georgia Papadaki, PhD

Frances has an enthusiasm and complete commitment to her training work with her clients that is so strong. She is extremely knowledgeable about physiology as well as nutrition, meaning she has been so helpful in guiding me not just in a training programme designed for greater flexibility, strength and running speed, but also my diet and identifying the likely cause of a recurring stiffness / slight pain in my back that has gone for years. She’s truly great at what she does. I would highly recommend Frances.
— Paul Timlin

What I enjoy the most is that the PT sessions change all the time, Frances always raises the level to ensure that your fitness and strength increase. I am going from strength to strength with her encouraging approach. I feel that even within the first few weeks I started to see a difference. Frances is so devoted and passionate about her clients that she goes above and beyond to make sure that you reach your goals. She makes a tailor-made programme with the utmost care to ensure optimum results.
— Noushin Nikbakht

Working in the sports industry as a sports and rehab specialist, I am very fussy with who I train with, and after moving to London ten years ago I struggled to find a trainer who not only shared my common goals, but was easy to talk to, understood my injuries and made the sessions interesting. This was until I met Frances. I was brought up in Australia so health and fitness were an integral part of my daily life. However at a young age I started suffering from back problems, I have had many different physios, trainers, yoga teachers and other therapists to help me try alleviate and decrease this pain, this I have finally achieved with Frances’s help.
I always look forward to my sessions with Frances. Her extensive knowledge means she can adapt exercises around my injuries, she has a unique ability to be in touch with her clients, knowing how the sessions should be structured to suit our individual needs. I feel I am in the best shape now that I have ever been in. I would not hesitate in recommending my clients, my friends and family to see Frances for training, whether for rehab, fitness or specialist needs.

— Gemma Eves

I have been training with Frances privately since January 2012. Before I started training with Frances, I was getting worried that I may not be able to achieve my personal fitness goals. Since starting my 1-1 workout regimen with Frances, I feel that she is able to take care of my fitness needs holistically. I feel more fit and confident in my ability to maintain my fitness level. Frances always shows up to the sessions with a commitment to give me her best effort and often has more confidence in me than even I do myself. She expects me to match her effort. This always results in a highly satisfactory session that always raises the bar for fitness. She is the best personal trainer I have had thus far.
— Reena Choudry