SpinAddkits Classes



SpinAddikts® Classes

SpinAddikts® sessions train in multiple heart zones from aerobic to anaerobic with a combination of workouts to become fitter and stronger. Cyclists, triathletes, marathon runners, rowers, and anyone needing a structured, focused workout to optimize performance will benefit from the sessions.  Heart rate monitors are highly recommended.

SpinAddikts® Regular

SpinAddikts® Regular incorporates a little of everything, you will sweat to the hour-long ride with a variety of drills: acceleration with sprints, jumps, high cadence climbing to strength building steep hills in incremental resistances.

SpinAddikts® Interval

SpinAddikts® Interval is intense, the hour-long workout is structured to alternate between working into higher intensity heart zones reaching anaerobic threshold followed by periods of lower intensity work. This workout will improve your recovery, your ability to train at or above your anaerobic zone, and enhance your performance in speed and power. This class is the most advanced; it is essential to have a strong aerobic base before starting to train in this technique.

SpinAddikts® Endurance

SpinAddikts® Endurance is an extended ninety minute workout. You will be working with the goal to increase aerobic capacity and to resist fatigue. The session incorporates a combination of drills, mainly consisting of steady state rides where the focus is to maintain within a specific heart zone for extended periods and to work on smooth pedal techniques. A two hour-long endurance ride is held every six weeks.

SpinAddikts® One-on-One

Private sessions in personal training and SpinAddikts one-on-one are available at all levels, from beginners to trained athletes. The sessions are designed to address your specific needs, either to lose weight, tone muscles, perfect form and technique, or to prepare for an upcoming event, Frances will guide you to structure your training routine to achieve optimum results.