Sherry Sayyah Bassiri


Where are you from?


Major Sports/ Other physical activities/Events:

I do water skiing, swimming, snow skiing, ice skating, rowing, most sports.

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Why do you enjoy SpinAddikts?

I like SpinAddikts classes because I feel the class is structured well, it is always one hour or more, unlike the other spin classes where it starts late and finishes early. I get a very good workout, although the classes are challenging, it is very fun and usually goes by very fast. There is no time to get bored. The music is excellent, always up to date and very appropriate for spinning. This class has become like a club, most members are friends and join up outside of class, which is very rare. I have met lovely people, all professional and well informed and well travelled. I enjoy very much meeting the class for going to dinner or celebrating someone’s birthday or the best of all, the Mojito parties. It is definitely one of the best classes I have ever participated in. I think this is all due to the efforts and management of Frances. I am ever so grateful for being a member.

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