Sebastian Abbado


Where are you from?

All over! But legally Italian

Major Sports/ Other physical activities/Events:

walking, hiking, swimming, diving, skiing, yoga(different types), tennis, ball games, Spinaddikts, core training, whatever comes up, willing to learn…..

SpinAddikts member since:

On & off since 2007 (because of travelling schedule)

Why do you enjoy SpinAddikts?

Why why why….a very interesting question! I was already getting into spin just by taking different classes at the gym but always had my eye on Frances’ classes. The SpinAddikts room always pounded with the latest dance tracks (that weren’t yet available to the public) and different exotic beats would swarm the yoga class, distracting everyone from their meditative state. I joined and never looked back. Frances is extremely professional in her approach and makes 101% effort to follow all her ‘supporters’. Spinaddikts has helped me regain my ultimate fitness level at very difficult periods of my working career. I travel a lot & it’s only thanks to this very positive momentum that I manage to easily fit back into London’s frantic buzz.

Professional Field

Architectural & Landscape Designer / Inventor

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