Philippe Pollet


Where are you from?


Major Sports/ Other physical activities/Events:

Indoor cycling is certainly my major regular physical activity, but I also enjoy tennis and skiing. I guess my big plan is to train for an ironman one day but this is still just a dream.

SpinAddikts member since:

Since 2003. I think I was one of the first members of Frances’ SpinAddikts group.

Why do you enjoy SpinAddikts?

I really think that SpinAddikts is the best interval training and cardio program that I have ever experienced. I enjoy being part of the group that Frances has put together and to train on a regular basis with them. Frances is passionate about what she does and she is also a perfectionist. She aims to challenge everyone beyond their limits, taking into account everyone’s physical fitness and personal goals. I like that the sessions are tough but at the same time safe. I feel that my fitness has massively improved since I joined SpinAddikts, even though I am 10 years older!

Any other indoor cycling sessions are basically a joke in comparison!

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