Edward Northam


Where are you from?

Melbourne, Australia

Major Sports/ Other physical activities/Events:

Triathlon, Ironman, Multi-discipline endurathons, Ultra marathon running, Skiing and ski touring and bit of golf if I can fit it in.
Ed represented Australia for the 2013 World Triathlon Grand Final.

SpinAddikts member since:


Why do you enjoy SpinAddikts?

It is a well-structured high intensity workout with a great instructor and a great group of athletes who are motivated to get the most out of each session. The different class structures and time durations ensure that you can target sessions that best match your objectives and goals. It is without doubt the most challenging and enjoyable indoor cycling session that I have done anywhere in the world. I highly recommend it to both exercise junkies and athletes alike, although hopefully not too many so that I can still get a bike!

Professional Field

Investment Banking

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