Dan Guertin


Where are you from?

New York, USA

Major Sports/ Other physical activities/Events:

Main sports are cycling and Crossfit.  I have completed the British Heart Foundation London-Brighton ride, and am training for the Prudential London-Surrey Ride in August 2015.

SpinAddikts member since:


Why do you enjoy SpinAddikts?

I use SpinAddikts for many reasons.  I think it is the best and most comprehensive indoor cycling class in London, and I have taken many classes.  The others just don’t compare to this class.  I have taken many other classes from other instructors who just seem to “go through the motions” and aren’t really engaged in their class or with their students  But Frances always makes sure to keep the intensity high, and she pushes her students to their limits while also making sure they keep good form to prevent injury. Her classes are 60-90 minutes, but the time flies!

Professional Field

Financial Services

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