Camilla Tamworth


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Major Sports/ Other physical activities/Events:

I do triathlons, long cycle rides and play a lot of tennis.I only started endurance events last year but find them hugely challenging and enjoyable.

SpinAddikts member since:

January 2013

Why do you enjoy SpinAddikts?

It is just a different level of intensity relative to any gym class or group session I’ve ever been to. Once you’ve been a couple of times, Frances knows you as a ‘spinaddikt’ and always makes sure you are working 1) to your maximum ability and 2) with the correct form. The sessions are structured to be progressive so you are never in danger of hitting a plateau. From an exercise perspective, it is the single best use of an hour.

Is Frances also your personal trainer? If so, how has she helped you to achieve your fitness goals?

Yes I started training with Frances recently having got so much out of the spin sessions. I’ve tried quite a few personal trainers and so far, Frances is hands down the best. She’s very thorough in assessing strengths and weaknesses and is meticulous in making sure you are doing the exercises correctly. That’s quite unusual –many personal trainers don’t bother. Frances is also very helpful in making sure you are doing the right type of training outside the 1-1 session – she’s pretty much as committed as you are which means that you have the best chance of staying on an upward trajectory and continually improving.

Professional Field

Analyst at a hedge fund

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