Antonia Bothner


Where are you from?

Cape Town, South Africa

Major Sports/ Other physical activities/Events:

Triathlon, mountain bike endurance races, cycling races, long distance swimming, adventure races, water sports.

SpinAddikts member since:

January 2010

Why do you enjoy SpinAddikts?

I train for triathlons and endurance events and thus require a class that is going to give me the right type of cardio training and fitness – SpinAddikts is unparalleled in this regard and is an essential part of my training. It is hard to find the longer spin classes which are vital in building up stamina. Because time in London/work is such a constraint, having a class which gives you the most efficient workout instead of having to do 3 other classes is key. SpinAddikts offers the best fitness workout every time and is by far the best workout you can do in an hour. Also, since the weather in the UK is not always conducive to outdoor training it is essential to be able to train indoors for cycling. SpinAddikts offers a great indoor environment for this. SpinAddikts is also the best calorie burner I have found yet and allows me to splurge guilt free from time to time!I have been spinning for about 10-15 years, mostly in South Africa and in the UK, and SpinAddikts is by far the best fitness class I have come across with the most dedicated teacher. It is unique in that the class involves the same people progressing at the same level and with an experienced teacher who ensures you progress. Frances is committed not only to ensuring the best fitness but also on wellbeing and is always on hand to give you nutrition advice and steer you in the right direction of a good physio!

Professional Field

Fund Management

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